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A blue Armada in the snow

The 2021 Nissan Armada Is at Your Dealership in Alma

If you're looking for ruggedness, versatility and modernity, or in short, the best companion to go on an adventure or simply to take all your family and friends on and off the road, the 2021 Nissan Armada is just what you're looking for. Even more powerful and modern than the previous versions, and with an even more imposing and robust look, it has everything to please!

Alma Nissan of the L'Ami Junior group in Lac-Saint-Jean, near Saint-Bruno, invites you to discover the latest model year of the Nissan Armada while highlighting its interesting new features and strengths. Your dealership in Alma also enables you to easily customize your car using the build your Nissan configuration option: Why wait? Build your Armada today!

Brace Yourself for Power with the Armada!

While this full-size SUV still features the same powertrain, a solid 5.6 L V8, it now develops even more power than its predecessors: 400 horsepower and 413 lb-ft of torque, while its towing capacity remains the same, at an impressive 8,500 lb.

To get off the beaten track or simply to face the harshest seasons, the Nissan Armada is always up for duty with its all-wheel drive, an intelligent 4x4 system that allows you to move on mountains, ice or steep trails. The hill-start assistance guarantees you even more safety and an easier drive in all conditions.

Among the new features is a redesigned interior: while it may have been the only target of criticism for the Armada, Nissan has made the necessary improvements for an even more modern vehicle, notably thanks to its latest 12.3-inch infotainment system, the largest in its category.

Not only is the connection to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto now wireless, as is the charging of induction phones, passengers also get a Wi-Fi hotspot, integrated navigation and voice command system. To the driver's delight, an intelligent rearview mirror provides an unobstructed view of everything thanks to the camera built-in the tailgate.

Thus, even more luxury and pleasure await you on board. It is true for both the front passengers, who enjoy heated or even ventilated front seats with ten possible settings and memory function, and for the rear passengers, who can benefit, depending on the version, from heated seats as well as, new this year, 8-inch infotainment screens integrated into the first row's headrests!

The Japanese automaker has also focused on quality, with quality leather materials that are even superior to the previous model, as well as more refined colour schemes than ever before. Better soundproofing of the cabin guarantees you all the peace and tranquility you desire, unless you prefer to enjoy the sound quality of the 13-speakers high-end Bose audio system.

On the safety side, a full suite of driver assistance technologies is also part of the package. It includes intelligent front and rear emergency braking with pedestrian detection, cross traffic, blind spot and lane departure alerts and adaptive cruise control, so much so that your SUV can guarantee you complete peace of mind while driving. All in all, the 2021 Nissan Armada is the full-size SUV you need to face all roads with confidence while enjoying hours of fun in the company of your passengers, thanks to ever more cutting-edge technologies.

In addition, the Armada has been redesigned to please you even more: not only is it powerful and spacious, it is also worthy of the reputation of reliability that characterizes the Japanese manufacturer and offers you more for your money.

Find your Armada in Alma!

Your Nissan dealership has solid and rugged SUVs in inventory, as well as the complete sedan and electric Nissan vehicle line-up. It will satisfy all your needs and envy. The team at Alma Nissan stands at the ready to provide you with sound advice and to help you find the vehicle perfectly designed for you. It also informs you of our attractive current promotional offers and unparalleled financing rates. Come and meet them today, you won’t be disappointed.

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