Carefully Choosing Your Used Car

With new cars coming at a higher price, used cars are becoming a smart cost-effective choice for many consumers, taking advantage of the depreciation in value.

With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to make the right choice, combining emotion and reason. Your needs, your budget, but also the brand and the driving sensation of a vehicle are among the many criteria to consider.

A Vehicle That Meets Your Needs

It is obvious that small cars are for urban drivers, and minivans are intended for large families who need space. Where do you fit between these two?

First, determine the size you need if you have a family, but also assess your upcoming needs in the short and medium term. If you are planning to start a family or expand yours, think about it now so you don’t have to change vehicles again in the near future!

Among your needs, your driving habits are also taken into account. Some cars are ideal for city driving, others for carrying loads, others for driving off-road. What is your driving profile?

When buying a used vehicle, any driver who does a lot of driving will naturally select for a car with the least possible mileage. If it’s a matter of short daily trips, this factor is surely less important.

What Is Your Budget?

When we discuss budget, the first thing we think about is the price of the car. Whether you have savings or you opt for financing, the initial cost or monthly payments are a key consideration.

However, it is important to consider different aspects that can increase your expenses to a greater or lesser extent. For example, the maintenance of the car and the price of parts vary from one model or brand to another. You also have to bear in mind aspects such as tires, which wear out and often need to be replaced. Carl Nadeau, new official columnist for L’Ami Junior, confirms:

Different tire sizes will affect the price. If you buy a vehicle with 20-inch tires, it could cost a lot more than a subcompact with 15 or 16-inch tires.

So it’s a detail not to be overlooked and to be calculated in your maintenance budget. Finally, fuel consumption remains a characteristic that largely fluctuates your monthly expenses. If you have a tighter budget, it’s a factor you can’t ignore, just like the cost of insurance.

Your used car driving Comfort

Before you decide on a used car, getting in and driving it is the least you can do. Take the time to sit down and:

  • Feel the sensation of the steering wheel and seats
  • Evaluate the space inside the vehicle
  • Try out the infotainment system, the audio system
  • Pay attention to the driving experience

Of course, priorities vary from one driver to another: the important thing is to find the used car that suits you!

happy woman driving her used nissan car out of the alma nissan dealership garage in saguenay

Your Preferences in a pre-owned vehicle

Do you have a liking for a particular brand? Are you looking for a car with a leather interior? Whatever your preferences, pick a car that makes you happy.

With L’Ami Junior, you benefit from a wide range of used vehicles in Quebec thanks to a partnership between different dealerships of brands such as:

  • Toyota
  • Nissan
  • Mazda
  • GM
  • And much more!

Find all your favorite brands from a vast inventory, including dealerships specialized in used cars for sale.

Car Financing Solutions

Financing is the option that many buyers turn to. However, some people have more difficult situations than others, and it’s important to find a dealership that offers customized solutions.

It’s easy with Alma Nissan and all the members of the L’Ami Junior Group, who deal with a specialized credit bureau. Moreover, the steps are simplified and you can even carry out all the financing steps remotely thanks to tele-financing.

Find your next car with Alma Nissan, your dealer of used car for sale in Lac-Saint-Jean, near Saint-Bruno. Our team will be pleased to assist you!

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