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The L'Ami Junior group continues its development in the Lac-Saint-Jean region with its Alma Nissan dealership. Your new dealership answers all your requests in terms of sales of new and used vehiclesafter-sales service and parts and accessories. What's more, Alma Nissan is also made up of a passionate team that guides you throughout the entire process of choosing your next vehicle.

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Alma Nissan

While Nissan has been on the Canadian market since 1965—at the time under the Datsun brand, the company founded in 1932 in Japan has become a global benchmark and today enjoys a great reputation. Nissan is constantly looking to the future to create innovative technologies to meet the needs of today's drivers.

Electric Nissan vehicles

In recent years, the company has entered a new era—the electric era. That means changing the way we think, changing the way we travel, and finally, treating the environment with due respect. Discover now the influence that the electrical revolution could have on our everyday life. The best way to solve the CO2 emissions problem is to stop producing them. By developing zero-emission vehicles and making them available to everyone, Nissan is leading the way in the automotive world. But beyond the vehicle, Nissan's strategy is to invest in the renewable energy sources that will build, power and recycle them, and to build the global infrastructure needed to achieve this goal.

Fast and easy car financing

Thanks to our partner L’Ami Auto Crédit, under the banner of the L'Ami Junior Group, you will obtain advantageous and flexible financing solutions with the best rates in force on the market. Our credit specialists will take the time to listen to you and suggest options that meet your needs.

Nissan cars, SUVs and trucks

Alma Nissan's team is also committed to this goal by promoting Nissan products. Whether you're looking for a sedan, SUV, electric cars, trucks or commercial vehicles, Alma Nissan has the right product for you. Its talented team works to establish your needs, advises you and presents you with the best options according to your budget.

Alma Nissan is not only a team of showroom advisers, it is also experts in after-sales service who take care of your vehicle. Their know-how is expressed in rigour and precision; they know how to do things in the right order and use only genuine parts. Don't hesitate to entrust them with the maintenance or repair of your Nissan vehicle.

More importantly, Alma Nissan offers you all the services you need to preserve the long-term reliability of your Nissan, restore its appearance or ensure its resale value. At Alma Nissan, we will be able to meet all your Nissan after-sales service needs, in addition to helping you enhance the style and performance of your vehicle with our genuine parts and accessories.

In the heart of Lac-Saint-Jean, Alma Nissan welcomes you with consideration and respect. Its team of enthusiasts offers you the best prices in the entire region along with financing solutions adapted to your needs. Come and discover the 2020 and 2021 Nissan products as well as our inventory of used vehicles.

Alma Nissan, a dealership that always puts the customer first. Don't wait any longer; trust Alma Nissan today!