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The L'Ami Junior group continues its development in the Lac-Saint-Jean region with its Alma Nissan dealership. Your new dealership answers all your requests in terms of sales of new and used vehiclesafter-sales service and parts and accessories. What's more, Alma Nissan is also made up of a passionate team that guides you throughout the entire process of choosing your next vehicle.

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Alma Nissan

While Nissan has been on the Canadian market since 1965—at the time under the Datsun brand, the company founded in 1932 in Japan has become a global benchmark and today enjoys a great reputation. Nissan is constantly looking to the future to create innovative technologies to meet the needs of today's drivers.

Electric Nissan vehicles

For the past few years, our company has entered a new era - that of electric vehicles! We are thrilled to introduce you to our lineup of Nissan electric and hybrid models. At Alma Nissan, we are committed to the electric revolution and believe it's the best way to preserve the environment. Nissan has developed zero-emission vehicles to offer eco-friendly and accessible transportation solutions for everyone. But that's not all! Nissan also invests in renewable energy sources to build, power, and recycle its vehicles, as well as in the necessary global infrastructure to achieve this goal. Come discover the benefits of our 2023 electric and hybrid models today.

Fast and easy car financing

Through our collaboration with L’Ami Auto Crédit, a valued member of the L'Ami Junior Group, you will obtain advantageous and flexible financing solutions at the most favorable market rates. Our dedicated credit experts will attentively understand your requirements and recommend tailored solutions to suit your individual needs. 

Nissan cars, SUVs and trucks

Alma Nissan is dedicated to showcasing the newest generation of Nissan vehicles, striving to provide exceptional models that cater to your diverse requirements. From sedans and SUVs to electric cars, trucks, and commercial vehicles, our proficient team is on hand to assist and guide you. We collaborate with you, gaining insight into your preferences and budget, ensuring the perfect match for your automotive needs.  

Alma Nissan extends beyond a team of showroom consultants, encompassing skilled after-sales service  professionals who ensure your vehicle is well-maintained. heir expertise lies in diligence and precision, adhering to the correct procedures and exclusively utilizing Nissan genuine parts. Don't hesitate to entrust them with the maintenance or repair of your Nissan vehicle. 

Furthermore, Alma Nissan provides a comprehensive suite of services designed to maintain your Nissan's long-term dependability, rejuvenate its appearance, and uphold its resale value. We cater to all your Nissan after-sales service requirements, while also helping you elevate your vehicle's style and performance with authentic Nissan parts and accessories.

Located in the heart of Lac-Saint-Jean, Alma Nissan greets you with attentiveness and respect. Our passionate team offers the region's most competitive prices, along with financing solutions tailored to your individual needs.

Join us to explore our comprehensive array of 2023 Nissan vehicles, showcasing the desired 2023 Nissan Rogue, the trustworthy 2023 Nissan Kicks, the roomy 2023 Nissan Pathfinder SUV, and the 2023 Nissan Murano. Besides these, come and marvel at the dynamic 2023 Nissan Z for a sporty touch, the stylish 2023 Nissan Maxima sedan, and the environmentally conscious 2023 Nisan Leaf electric vehicle. Moreover, take the opportunity to explore our newest additions - the sleek Nissan Versa 2023, the smooth 2023 Nissan Sentra, the adventurous Nissan Qashqai 2023, the versatile Nissan Altima 2023, the futuristic Nissan Ariya 2023, the rugged Nissan Frontier, and the commanding Nissan Armada, all available at Alma Nissan..

Discover as well our inventory of used Nissan vehicles and other brands, all at attractive prices. 

At Alma Nissan, we prioritize our customers' satisfaction above all else. Don't hesitate – place your trust in Alma Nissan today!